Pack of 3 - The Smokeey

The Smokeey is easy to use. The device fits on any finger and comes in a variety of colors. Whether you want to camouflage your Smokeey or coordinate it with your outfit, there is a color for every situation. This revolutionary little piece of jewelry will make smoking while doing other things much easier and more enjoyable.

No wires to get tangled, and no need for WiFi to make it work. This Vegan friendly product is made of quality materials and designed for a life of long use. Designed for the modern professional on the move, the Smokeey will free your fingers for other activities while still allowing you the ability to continue smoking.

Smoking on the go has never been easier! Waterproof and able to withstand the pressures of the deep sea, there is no place this device won’t work!!

Smokeey orders will be shipped from Europe twice a week. Every order gets shipped with a tracking number.

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